Grow Bags

Grow Bag (Coconut Husk Substrate in Slabs)

Grow bags are an ideal way to grow tomatoes, chillies and cucumber on sunny patios and balconies, as well as in the greenhouse.

Coco peat grow bags are used as plant substrates for soil less cultivation, largely used in greenhouses for growing vegetables such as Tomatoes, Paprika, Cucumber, Strawberries and cut flower production

An excellent growing medium for seed raising, floriculture and horticulture applications. Easy to handle, store and use ideal for green house applications.

Grow Bag is a compressed slab of Coco Pith and Coco Husk Chips .Only two raw materials are used for the production. First one is Coco pith and second one is Coco Chips. Grow bags are suitable for use in the greenhouse. Grow bag can be used for growing tomatoes, Cucumbers etc. and bedding plants.

Grow Bags are mainly used for hydroponics growing under greenhouse conditions. They are suitable for a wide variety of crops such as: vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber, strawberry, melon, watermelon, eggplant…), flowers (gerberas, roses…), soft fruit (strawberry, berries…) and fruit nurseries (citrus trees, olive trees, fruit trees…). Plastic is UV treated, availability white (outside) /black (inside) or black/black.

Different possibilities to make it easier for growers: planting holes/cuts, pre-drilled drip holes, drainage cuts, tailor-made sizes… Grow Bags are available on different coco peat / crush chips combinations for an adequate air/water ratio, depending on crop, variety, season, climate conditions, water salinity.

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